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Friday, July 28, 2017

Disassemble that tile roof

Fungus among us...

Published on Jul 28, 2017
Years of overflowing rain gutters have left this tile roof with water damage along the eaves.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Life is good

Life is good...

I started roofing in 1983 and have been installing roof, repairing roofs and involved in each aspect of roofing ever since.
I started the Galaxy Roofing company in Folsom in 1994 and have yet to look back. Marcia is the best partner any man could have and I remind her everyday.
I have probibly walked on rooftops more than I have walked on the ground.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

-______- Galaxy Roofing -______-

California Contractors Lic. # 696710
Issued on October 1st. 1994
 A Specialty License C-39

From Drop Box
G.R. = God Rules
Andy is a One-of-a-kind Leak Detection Specialist. Serving the City of Folsom, CA.
Call now 916-984-7040 

Andy started Galaxy Roofing (California State License #696710 - C39) with his wife Marcia in the fall of 1994. A wide range of technical know-how and high pressure training has helped deliver continued service to all types of clients. Installing new roofs, servicing commercial accounts on shopping centers and mini-marts have pushed Galaxy Roofing further into the roof repairs on the residential portion of the roofing industry. Beginning in 2013 the drift towards only concrete tile roof repairs only has made more sense and also increased their demand. Having a full waiting room for 6-weeks and only the people that decide to wait are the clients that get the full attention of Galaxy Roofing.

With no employees, controlling and performing all the careful craftsmanship necessary to satisfy and retain repeat customers. And & Marcia both have refined skills, including being observant and being extremely safe. This work ethic has insured a lasting record of premium job performance along with the humble fact of never falling off of a roof. 
This dangerous career path is rewarding for because they offer two qualities, which are highly sought after. (a) Customer Service and (b) Quality Workmanship.

For all those looking for a successful roof repair, roof inspection or any questions about the roof over your head, look no further. They are never hard to find. Consider them a true “Mom & Pop Shop” in business to stay in business.

Roof inspections for a sale of a home is different from a roof inspection for a general roof leak. Next we have the roof inspections for an insurance claim from water damage, which is different from a roof inspection for a wind driven mystery roof leak that know has been able to locate.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Roofers: "Roofers

* Nature of the Work
* Working Conditions
* Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement
* Employment
* Job Outlook
* Earnings
* Related Occupations
* Sources of Additional Information

Significant Points

* Most roofers acquire their skills informally on the job; some roofers train through 3-year apprenticeship programs.
* Job openings for roofers should be plentiful because the work is hot, strenuous, and dirty, causing many individuals to leave for jobs in other construction trades.
* Demand for roofers is less susceptible to downturns in the economy than demand for other construction trades because most roofing work consists of repair and reroofing.

A leaky roof can damage ceilings, walls, and furnishings. To protect buildings and their contents from water damage, roofers repair and install roofs made of tar or asphalt and gravel; rubber or thermoplastic; metal; or shingles made of asphalt, slate, fiberglass, wood, tile made of concrete or clay, or other material.
Repair and reroofing—replacing old roofs on existing buildings—makes up the majority of work for the workers.

There are two types of roofs—low- and steep-sloped. Roofs considered low-slope rise 4 inches per foot, 4-on12 slope or less. A steep-sloped rise anywhere from 4-on-12 slope all the way to vertical side wall. A typical roof slope found in California is a 5-on-12 roof slope or a 6-on-12 roof slope. Homes in colder locations where there is seasonal snow fall, the roofs must be built with a steep-slope so the snow has less chance of piling up becoming too heavy and cause a total collapse.